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An AI, ML and DL Enthusiast. An Explorer in Nature

Hello All. My Name is Atanu Maity. I am a Data Enthusiast and a Data Scientist by Profession, having 7+ years of Industry Experience in Analytics and Data Science. I Love to solve Difficult Data Problems from different branches like Insurance, Oil and Gas and many others. My Favorite part is Data Engineering and Machine Learning.  I will love to share my learnings and thoughts in this blog. Please share your thoughts too.

For any help or any suggestions, please reach out to me. Happy Learning.

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What I am reading now...

I started to read this book in search of learning Machine Learning Algorithms at their core ideas.

After the first 2 chapters, you will feel like its very hard to break the stones. But hold your patience and stick your eyes with every word written over the pages, because if you miss one you will miss the concept. Very comprehensive and compact ideas. Only I can wish myself a happy journey :D



Get in touch with me for more information or just to say hello. I’d love to hear from you.

Mob: +919433652723

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