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Social Media Analytics in Pharma - Use Case (Part-2)

As a continuation of Part-1, in this post we will discuss about, how data from facebook and other different categories of social sites, can help us to understand the social aspect of a serious disease, known as MS or Multiple Sclerosis and its related drugs.

Top Drugs for Multiple Sclerosis

Facebook Analysis of MS:

  • A sample of 1400 user posts were fetched from various social pages related to MS on Facebook

  • Text analysis, various clustering algorithms and sentiment analysis was performed on the scraped posts

Overall WordCloud:

  • People are mostly asking questions related to MS

  • Tecfidera and Avonex seems to be the most popular drug

  • People are talking about side effects of the drugs

  • Sleep seems to be one of the side effect or a major problem of concern for people

Word Cloud of Negative Sentiment Posts:

  • People are talking about heart, infection, sleep, vision, dizzy which can be side effects of pills or effects of MS

Polarity plot of overall sentiment analysis:

Polarity Score : -0.088

Gilenya is one of the well known medicines for MS. As a consequence, we were interested to know how the medicine is doing in the market. And like others it should do well in social parameters also. We investigated futher. Doctor as a medicine prescriber, their review data on a medicine is like having gold mine in your hand. We collected data from one of the US reputated doctor's blog.

Doctor’s Blog Analysis for Gilenya:

From the word network and wordcloud we are able to see that the doctor is comparing Gilenya with Tysabri. Some death issues happened for these two medicines also some heart issues.

Antiepileptics study of comparative analysis capability

Finally, we can see with a clear understanding of a patient and a medicine product, we are only able to get a 360 degree view of the ongoing market. The social media can immensely help in understanding the underlying market segmentation and accordingly doing the target marketing.

Thanks for reading the post. Please let us know about your experience and help us to improve the quality and content of future articles. Happy Learning.

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